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Whether you’re looking to land that unicorn candidate, build your team quickly, or navigate career options, we’ve got you covered. And with our extensive recruitment network and industry insights, we’re committed to delivering satisfying results every time. We are your recruitment and talent acquisition partner.

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Recruiting Reimagined.

At Salmela, we understand the importance of finding the right people to help your organization thrive. With our personalized and comprehensive approach, we take the time to understand your unique story and hiring needs, ensuring that you find the perfect fit.

We are Fast

After our experienced recruiters take the time to understand your business, we often present the winning candidates within 24-48 hours and close 90% of our engagements in 3-8 weeks and 100% by week 12.

Robust Process = Stellar Results

We scour the talent pool to identify top candidates who meet your unique parameters. Our approach goes beyond simple qualification assessments - we engage every potential candidate, igniting their interest and ensuring alignment with your goals. This Process results in giving you a choice between multiple top candidates for your search.

Tailored Storytelling

At Salmela, we're more than just recruiters - we are your strategic partners. We take the time to truly understand your business, so we can craft a compelling story that attracts the top talent you need to move your team forward. Let us help you write the next chapter of your success story.

Years of Industry Experience
Our Service

What We Do

Through our personalized approach, we take the time to understand the individual stories of our clients and candidates, and tailor our solutions to their specific needs and aspirations. This ensures that we deliver top-notch results that help them achieve their goals and stand the test of time.  Our candidates stay an average in 4.5 years in a high turnover environment.

Industries we serve.

Life Sciences, Digital Health & Healthcare Marketing

Our team specializes in placing professionals in life sciences, digital health, and healthcare marketing roles. We work with prestigious medical centers, biotech, pharmaceutical, and more.

Commercial Strategy and Sales

Our recruiters have a proven track record of placing top-tier talent in commercial strategy and sales roles across a variety of industries.

Real Estate / Property Management

We connect you with top talent in real estate and property management, ensuring seamless operations and maximum returns on your investments. Trust us to find the perfect match for your property needs.

Advertising & PR

We help leading creative, digital, and PR agencies find top-tier talent in strategy, account management, creative, PM/production, and leadership.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

We work with private equity and venture capital firms to help them find the right talent for their portfolio companies in the life science, services space.

Purpose Driven / Social Change Agency

We understand & support the importance of social change and connect you with passionate professionals who share your vision. Together, we can drive positive transformation and create a better world. Let's make a difference together.

We also serve clients in the following industries:

Performance Media
Entertainment/Consumer Advertising
Business Consulting
Medical Device
Medical Centers
Tech. Marketing & Communications

Our JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Statement

Salmela is deeply committed to collaborating with organizations that prioritize Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) in their core values and objectives. To further this commitment, Salmela has established a dedicated business division focused on empowering these companies to engage world-class talent for their world-changing work in areas such as Social Change, Environmental Policy and Justice, Non-Profit Leadership, AI and Emerging Technology, as well as Health, Gender, and Racial Equity initiatives

Candidates we serve, Jobs We Fill

We frequently place our candidates in the following industry titles:

C-Suite Leadership

We help companies find top-level executives and leaders who can drive growth and success.


Our team specializes in finding the most innovative and creative talent in the industry, from copywriters and designers to creative directors.

Digital & Innovation Strategy

We connect companies with digital and innovation strategists who can help them stay ahead of the curve


Our recruiters specialize in placing top-tier talent in public relations roles across a variety of industries.

Product Development & Management

We help companies find the best product development and management professionals to drive growth and success.


Our team specializes in placing account management professionals in a variety of industries and roles.

Brand Strategy

We help companies find the most talented and creative brand strategists to build and grow their brands.

Production & Project Management

We connect companies with top-tier production and project management professionals to enhance our client's PMO


Our recruiters specialize in placing top-tier talent in programmatic advertising roles across a variety of industries.

Functional Leadership

We place functional leaders who are growth oriented and committed to elevating their function in strategy, product, creative, engagement, sales, operations, and research.

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Webinars from Industry Leaders, Career Tips, and Topics.

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The right talent. right on time.

At Salmela, we use our extensive industry knowledge and expertise to bridge the gap between the most talented individuals and the most innovative companies in advertising, PR,  healthcare, life sciences, wellness, and digital health.

Because we believe when expert recruiters lead the search, exceptional candidates find exceptional companies.


Our metrics are second to none. They speak for themselves.


of engaged search projects completed in 3-8 weeks


higher contingency rate than industry average


of engaged search projects completed in 12 weeks

Yes, we get results on 100% of the projects we take on.

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Our Clients

When you work with Salmela, you can be rest assured that you are partnering with a recruiting agency that is as passionate about your success as you are. Let us help you find the talent you need to stay on top.


What they say about us

Our Process

Our 3 Steps Process:

Step 1: Connect with Us

Reach out to Salmela to discuss your talent needs, business goals, and the right search approach for you.

Step 2: Collaborate with Our Team

Partner with our expert team to identify the best candidates for your company through our robust search process.

Step 3: Hire Exceptional Talent

Our process engages the best talent available at the time of your search and surfaces multiple strong candidates to choose from. We help you navigate the offer process and close your candidate of choice helping the candidate transition and thrive at your company.

Our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions.

Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our services, process, and specialties. If you have additional questions or want to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Unlike other recruiting agencies, Salmela specializes in advertising, PR,  healthcare, life sciences, wellness & digital health sectors. We place C-Suite, functional leadership, director and manager levels.

Salmela places strategy, marketing, advertising, account, sales, and communications professionals.

Salmela has a personalized process that matches candidates to the culture, values, and goals of your company.

Salmela has a vast network of industry professionals and uses a targeted approach to reach passive candidates.

Salmela's approach is rooted in honesty, integrity, and personalized service, delivering exceptional results and talent.

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Ciera is a born-and-raised Duluthian who recently graduated from Point Park University in Pittsburgh. When she isn’t designing the Salmela website or sending emails, she doubles as an actress! With over 15 years of acting experience, Ciera brings her creative artistry and understanding of people to her work at Salmela.

Madison is a marketing maven with a mastery of magnificent messaging. She brightens every room with her positive attitude and joins Salmela to explore the digital corners on every search. If you’re having a first conversation with one of us, Madison is probably the reason why!

Ryan is an Emmy-award winning news producer with a strong history in the performing arts. Funny and outgoing, he’ll meet you with a journalist’s curiosity and actor’s joie de vivre.

Meghan brings her previous advertising agency experience to Salmela. She is a natural-born conversationalist and delights in every interaction with candidates and clients alike. Meghan can find something in common or a shared interest with just about anyone. (No really, it’s AMAZING.) She is also a foodie, loves cooking, and is always looking for the next opportunity to try an adventurous recipe.

Kate joins Salmela after a decade of non-profit arts leadership, where she shared her passion for building community, education, inclusiveness, and arts access. Her superpower is helping professionals identify their strengths and set them on a course for greater success. After work, she can be found reading Shakespeare, doing yoga, or prepping the next generation of theatre stars for college.

Cory spends his day advising senior leaders on talent acquisition strategy. He is happiest on his bike, skis, or helping his daughters rehearse lines. He began his career as a National Team Coach for the U.S. Ski Biathlon Team, followed by experience in pharma sales. In 2005, he founded Salmela. Today, Salmela places leaders across the healthcare industry. Salmela is the go-to vendor across marcomm disciplines in healthcare and beyond.

Chief Financial Officer, Olympian, and Health Coach, what can’t she do? When Kara is not managing the Salmela Financials, she spends her days educating and supporting people as a health coach. If that wasn’t cool enough, she also competed as an American biathlete at the 1998 and 2002 Winter Olympics.

Megan focuses on individual career wellness and team development for the healthcare advertising industry. As a natural networker, and with a career background in health/wellness and international corporate project management, Megan has the experience necessary to understand your needs. She enjoys being outside with her family, volunteering in the community, trail running and practicing yoga.

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